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Cree School Board

Let your spirit of discovery soar.
Come and discover a unique way of living...a new way of teaching...the natural beauty of James Bay...a place where you'll have an immediate impact and receive so much in return. The Cree School Board provides pre-primary through secondary and adult education services in Cree, French and English in nine communities. Join our team and make a personal commitment to an experience that will change your life.

Mistissini Lake, QC

Amos Okemow Memorial Education Authority

The Manto Sipi Cree Nation is located approximately 750 km northeast of Winnipeg. The Cree community of 600 took over their education program in September 1994. We currently have a student population of 250 at the Amos Okemow Memorial School and we are expanding. The expansion will include a vast majority of technological equipment within our classroom environment.

God's River, MB

Northlands Dene Education Committee

Petit Casimir Memorial School is a Kindergarten to Senior 4 facility located in the "land of little sticks" in northwestern Manitoba. Serving the small, fly in, Dene community of Lac Brochet, PCMS is a modern school (16 teaching staff and 8 Teacher Assistants support staff) rooted in a strong cultural heritage. The language of instruction is mainly English but Dene language and culture remain significant elements of school and community life. Modern Teacherage Accommodation are available, along with a competitive salary scale and benefits package.

Lac Brochet, MB

Featured International Employers

Harris Educational Consultants International

Harris Educational Consultants International provide teacher recruitment services to a number of private and public schools in China, Egypt and Bangladesh as well as consulting services to those schools and to a variety of other clients in education and government. They also work with international clients to establish and manage new schools overseas. Harris Educational Consultants is a private organization.

Winnipeg, MB

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